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The Master Codex (Wiki)


     Welcome, Ya'll!   This'll be a good reference for your investigations. From here you can find information on all of the places, people and other things that you've encountered.  So take a chair and sit a spell.  Read up so you can fight smart.

    Good Luck.  You'll need it.


Places                     Allies

New Orleans                Justin Case

Vicksburg                  Jeff

Huntwick                   Mark Hendrickson

Little Rock                Ron Ron

Vallyfeild                 Guss

Dodge City                 Yoseph


Monsters                   Villains

Catamount                  Dr Marie Ogden

Jackalope                  Hank Trollmen

Tommyknocker               Dr Darius Hellstromme

Zombies                    Pestilence



Ghost Rock

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