Deadlands: Shadows in the West

Aaand we're running.

Little Rock

Soooo, things got worse.

Location: Little Rock

Current Events:

   The party wakes up and waits for Mr. H and he doesn’t show on time.  He’s 20 minites late and they go to investigate.  They hear the following.


Mr. T:  I don’t care.  You didn’t clear it with the boss.  Did you show this kid anything?

Mr. H:  No.  He’s just a kid.  He has nothing to do with this.

Mr. T:  Is he smart?  If he starts poking his nose where it isn’t wanted . . .

Mr. H:  You’re not going to anywhere near that boy.

Mr. T:  Offly defencive.  makes me wonder . . .

Long pause

Mr. T:  Just remember you’re expendable, the kid and his friends more so.  I wouldn’t get too attached.

Mr. H:  I’m not that expendable.  I’ve keep a few plans hidden.  I’m sick and tired of your threats.  You’ll have to go threw me to get to the boy.  I know you want to kill me, but you’re not allowed too.  So unless you want to have to explain why you killed an asset without getting any valid information out on me you’re just going to have to live with it.  Now get out.  We’re done here.


They party then worked on the forge and set everything up.  Mr. Trollmen dropped by and had a chat with group and it was pretty normal. The group then when to eat and found a quiet restaurant.  Mr. H let slip that he didn’t want to work, but Hellstrom had something over him that kept him working.  And that there were three people total that are working for him.  Dr Ogden, Mr. H and ?

     All of the demonstrations when perfectly and there was a large crowd for the last two. The group then tried to leave hastily on Hendrickson's queue.  As they all tried to run they caught off guard by Dr. Ogden.  She was using Jared to attack to group.  A fight ensued and the group did make it out of the small city.  Jude has a gut shot wound and is in need of a doc.  


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