These carnivorous abominations lurk deep in mines.  They damage supports, mine car tracks, and other important structures during the night.  Miners and watchmen sometimes hear the creature tapping away down in the depths after the work force knocks off for the night.  Should the creature succeed in causing a cave-in, it hunts down and feeds on any trapped miners, picking them off one by one as lack of oxygen weakens them.

      Tommyknockers primarily haunt gold and silver mines, though they'll lurk in a tapped-out Ghost Rock mine, as well.  They won't typically interfere with a Ghost Rock operation, though this is more out of instinct than any understanding of the mineral's value or capabilities.  A tommyknocker – or a mere rumor of one – can be responsible for whole towns to become deserted over night.

      Tommyknockers are three foot tall humanoids with disproportionately large heads.  They are perpetually hunched over, their skin mottled blackish-gray, and their solid black eyes are as large as saucers.  Each hand features only three digits, but all three end in vicious claws.

      There has been no record of these creatures being tamed.  However, Dr. Ogden had one caged in her lab in the mine near Huntwick.  It had the ability to speak and what it was saying made it seem insane.

Dr Marie Ogden


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