Jackalopes are omens of bad tidings.  They stalk a party and wait for bad luck to strike, then feed off the remains of those who don't survive it.

      These little beasties are damned hard to kill.  They have a sixth sense that warns them whenever they are about to meet danger, and they're fast enough to get out of the way when they do.

      The best way to get rid of one of these tenacious critters is to kill it or to cross running water.  Jackalopes can't swim, so unless they find a bridge or some other way across, they simply hop off to find easier prey.

     On the plus side, jackalopes feet are good luck charms.

     The group encountered one that was actually cooperative.  This was on the way to Huntwick.  Probably because of the group of baby rabbits Sandra found.  The group left the tiny little creatures with the Jackalope.


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