Dr Marie Ogden

Dr. Marie Ogden

          A highly train specialist in Biochemistry and one of three individuals whom Hellstromme has hired to fulfill whatever he has planed.  She is also quite possibly insane.

          First encountered in the mines near the town of Huntwick.   A Tommyknocker was used to frighten out everyone in a nearby town and she had been the one caring for the creature.  Ogden had also found a way to control the dead by using a device which looks like a large thick metal collar with a chunk of Ghost Rock set in the back.   The individual under this control were expressionless zombies which followed basic orders.   Though, it was noted that most of them had tears running down their face.  This strongly implies that they may still be partially "themselves", so to speak.

           At the end of the conflict in the Huntwick mines, she was knocked unconscious and left in the care of a man names Jared.   Jared, apparently, had a sweet spot for her despite her homicidal and vicious tendencies.

          The next time the group encountered her she was using Jared's dead(?) body to stop the group from leaving Little Rock.  In the ensuing conflict she was mortally wounded.

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Dr Marie Ogden

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