Deadlands: Shadows in the West

The Start of the Journy


The Start of the Journey

Location: Vicksburg

Starting Events:

  • Mel’s character(s) came to Vicksburg to see a demonstration of a new forge.
  • Kesha’s character came, because Sandra had to deliver a shipment there.
  • Silvia’s character came because the brothel that Jude worked at burned down and had to move on. The S.S. Dusty was the first ship leaving.
  • All met and played cards with a Justin Case on the 5 day boat ride.
  • When they all got to town they heard of a lot of missing kids.
  • Sandra spoke to the town’s Marshal about the reward for finding information on them.  The Marsha said it would be ok if she helped investigate.
  • She found the other two waiting around and asked for their help.
  • Elijah said sure because the demo hadn’t started yet.
  • Jude said sure because he wanted money.
  • They asked around, made some good rolls and found that the culprit was some kind of vicious man eating monster.
  • When they go to inform the Marshal he knows and has his deputies ready to ride out and kill it.
  • The three PC’s are left in charge of keeping order in town.
  • It takes longer than expected.  The group makes arrangements with the towns folk and they go out to look for them.They find one almost dead and with his last breath he says where the monster is and what it attacks like.
  • The group set a trap and waited.  Elijah used Ghost rock to make a cage making it very strong.  The trap works.
  • They examine its den and find a journal.  It explains that the Catamount was being held here on orders from Hellstromme Industries and got loose.
  • They barely made it to town. The Catamount’s claws almost cut threw the chains.
  • The Vicksburg folk killed it and thanked the group for it.  The whole town wanted to buy them drinks.
  • Mark(demonstrator of the new forge) had previously hired the group to assist in the demonstration.  The group did and it was a success.  They also found parts for a crazy big cannon barrel of some kind from Hellstromme Industries.  Apparently the backer of the forge and employer of Mark.Mark was offered a really good deal for his work and he turned it down.
  • The group noticed that something was up about that.  The group got him drunk to find out what his issue was.

    • The groups suspicions of something shady going on at Hellstromme Ind. was correct.The group learns that Professor Hellstromme’s enforcer Mr. (Hank*) Trollmen and some unknown entity is what's keeping him and two other experts in line and helping Hellstromme.
    • The two other experts are Doctor Marie Ogden (chemistry) The last session ended with this info and Mark being very very drunk.
  • The characters are still at the bar.


This is most likely the second session.

The Start of the Journy
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