Deadlands: Shadows in the West

Oh great. A Jackalope.

In route to Huntwick

Making friends on the Trail

Location:  In route to Huntwick

Current Events:

      They party left in the morning.  Mr. Case didn’t take the trip to Little Rock.  They have a 6 day stage coach ride ahead of them, with a stop in town 3 days out.  It’s cramped and they are sitting on top of boxes and things.  The first day they evade bandits, and Jude feels a little rough around the edges so he takes a little extra Laudanum.  That night, after taking a long detour to try and avoid any more issues with the bandits, they encounter a Jackalope.  They are major bad luck.  They leave the camp in the middle of the night, only a few minutes after finished setting up, and make a new camp.  They set up there and Jude has a creepy ass dream.  

     The only parts that he remembers are pictures in his mind.  The first of a molten vat.  The next of a pus, boil and pock covered zombie-like creature looming over the shoulder of an older man who was writing at a desk in a dark room by himself.  They wake up to find that they still have bad luck and continue on.

      After lunch they have some more bad luck.  They head out and encounter 3 indians (that they see).


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