Deadlands: Shadows in the West

Making friends on the Trail


Oh God. Why, Jude? WHY!

Location:  In route to Huntwick

Current Events:

The Indians tell them that they don’t like white men interfering with them and to ask then to leave and get back on the main trail.  Jeff, the stagecoach driver agreed and told them all about why they’re off the main trail.  The Indians aren’t happy about it, but said be sure to have someone deal with them(being the bandits) or we will.  They found bunnies, ate some and tried to save two the young ones.

The Jackalope turned out to be able to control its bad luck stuff and “spoke” with Jude.  The Jackalope tried to convey “its ok if they get to be pampered pets, but I’m following until I know they are safe”  Holly decided to release the young bunnies so they wouldn’t have to deal with the Jackalope. :(

     The party made it to their destination of the small backwoods(with no woods) town of Huntwick.  The town seems pretty barren.  The group rented three rooms, whisky, and rum.  There is a small general store/post office/barber and Sheriff's office.  They shared the rum with Jeff and later a doped up “working woman”.

     They all wake up and it’s a new day and a dumpy little town.  Jude has a dream in which he makes a pact to not interfere with his plans.  He is left with a single small boil on his wrist.


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