Deadlands: Shadows in the West

Enter the Doctor.

Huntwick Mines

Yup, She's crazy.

Location: Huntwick

Current Events:

Armed with flash powder, mirrors, lamps and two comrades Guss and Jeff the group descended into the mines.  As they passed through the tunnels they saw patterns in the rock of horrific figures climbing towards the surface.  They then encountered animated corpses with large heavy metal collars.  They were mining the Ghost Rock slowly and crying and they rotted.

They met Jared who took them to meet Dr. Ogden.  She was the one controlling the dead.   At first the party didn’t know if she was doing this against her will or not.  She had the tommyknocker in a cage a then turned it against the party.

The party beat the creature and then knocked Dr. Ogden out cold.  Jared said he would be looking after her and would taker her somewhere Hellstromme wouldn’t find her.  The party then headed to town and collected their rewards.  Guss decided to part company and said his goodbyes.


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