Deadlands: Shadows in the West

Dangers in the mines.


More spooky dreams with Mr. Yucky

Location: Huntwick

Current Events:

     Jude wakes up to find that the girl is gone.  His stash is low and he's getting antsy.  The general store owner (Bob) knows of a guy (Ned) that likes to stockpile things and suggests that that’s the most likely place to find stuff.  Describing him as an “end of the world nut.”  Ned tells them about the Tommyknocker and they agree to get rid of it so Jude can get his fix. Sandra is promised gold coins, and Kasy is promised ghost rock.

     They go back to town to get supplies and Jude ends up taking a dose and blacking out.  He ends up having a weird dream the others check on supplies and horses.


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