Deadlands: Shadows in the West

A Job?


Enter Justin Case

Location: Vicksburg

Current Events:

The group runs into Justin Case the next morning.  He offers them a job in finding out what Hellstromme is up to.  The party thinks this is a good idea.  Sandra likes the pay plus expenses.  Jude likes the job, but not the danger.  Kasey likes being able to work with Mark and learn to make cool stuff.

      The group now works for Justin Case, whatever group he works for.  They don’t know exactly who he works for.  When asked he says he’s a Texas ranger.  Kasy has told Yoseph that she will not be returning just yet.  He was not happy.  Sandra left the shipping company.  They were very surprised, but left on good terms.  Jude is happy to have a real job, but is still a scaredy cat.


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